We are a dynamic sister duo team, Jessica and Stefanie, the new owners of Minerelle Australia.

Minerelle was developed in 2004 by Marion Farmer, a dear friend, teacher and skin treatment professional with the aim of introducing women to the outstanding benefits of mineral make-up and natural skin care.

We are not new to Minerelle, we have been part of this incredible brand from the initial development and have been using the products for 14 years. It is an absolute privilege to now own this company that we wholeheartedly love and believe in.

Together, we are committed to providing you with the original quality products and excellent service.

We look forward to a long and positive relationship with you and your natural beauty.

Inspiring Natural Beauty

Minerelle is suited to all skin types but specialises in fragile and damaged skin. Helping conditions such as cystic acne, all stages of rosacea, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis as well as skin sensitivities and allergies. Our products are pure, natural and free of fragrances, helping many people treat and manage these conditions.

During our teenage years, we both suffered with acne and Minerelle was our life-saver! Trusting this product to help treat our acne as well as offering incredible coverage that we knew wouldn’t aggravate or further damage our skin was a huge relief. Having overcome our teenage acne stage of life, we still cannot live without our Minerelle products.

Keeping the products Australian made was of huge importance to Marion and something that we both feel strongly about. As well as this, we are conscious of our environmental impact and want to reduce this through using recycled packaging and consistently searching for new environmental initiatives.